Natsuyo Nobumoto Lipschutz

Natsuyo is a Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Communications strategist.

She equips global leaders with advanced cross-cultural communication skills to improve team dynamics by bridging the cultural gap and leveraging diversity.

Americans communicate directly, whereas the Japanese, for example, rely on non-verbal cues. With such a large gap, learning cultural protocols such as how to bow won't build trusting, highly productive teams needed to build successful business. If cultural diversity is not managed well, your business falls apart. When it is managed well, however, powerful team synergies occur.

Signature Talks and Speaking Topics

Think INSIDE the Box : The Key to Effective Cross-Cultural Communications

What makes you successful in one culture doesn't make you Successful in another. To become a competent global leader, you must uncover a hidden context within. "Think outside the box" and "think global" start with "think INSIDE the box".

In this talk, you will learn the 3 step process of becoming a global leader who can embrace diversity and communicate cross-culturally to empower the diverse team.

Leadership Lessons Learned in the Ballroom : The Key to High Performing Global Teams

Diversity makes a team strong if managed well. When it is not, the team will fall apart. Ballroom dancing requires leveraging each other's strength as a team to create dynamic performance. Same principles apply to business.

In this talk, Natsuyo will share the 5C's of the leadership lessons she learned in the ballroom and the 3A's of how you can practice team leadership in your team and beyond. Get ready to learn how to transform your team from good to great.

Where is SO WHAT? : The Key to Logical and Persuasive Communications

With a high volume of information, how do you organize your thoughts clearly and communicate succinctly?

In this talk, you will be introduced to the "consultant's toolbox" and learn to think and communicate clearly and persuasively, as well as draw out the "One BIG Message" so your listener will take the action you want them to take.

Other topics include global facilitation skills, cultural integration, and various personal development and motivational speeches.
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Do you want your team to accomplish the following?

  • - Eliminate costly misunderstandings to gain a competitive edge in the market
  • - Increase awareness of how culture impacts daily business and learn to communicate clearly beyond cultural and language barriers
  • - Understand One's behavioral patterns and learn how to leverage cultural diversity of the team
  • - Align one's individual values with Corporate values, and drive diverse team’s improved productivity

Natsuyo Lipschutz, the founder and executive consultant of Breakthrough Speaking has just signed a contract with a renown professional speakers agency, Speaker Stardom. She is the first and only (as of October 2018) non English native AND Asian speaker to join the agency. The topics she will cover are cross-cultural communications, global leadership, logical thinking, and global team. She will deliver her talks in keynote speech, breakout sessions, workshops, and trainings. She will travel from New York to North America and Asia.

Natsuyo will continue to accept direct booking through Breakthrough Speaking.

Life Purpose Statement

“I aspire to live in integrity, harmony, and high spirits while pursuing my goals and dreams and positively influence others”

~ Natsuyo Lipschutz

About Natsuyo Nobumoto Lipschutz

An award winning speaker, TEDx speaker, 4-time New York district finalist of Toastmasters international Speech contest, certified public speaking coach, strategy consultant, best-selling author, competitive ballroom Latin dancer, mother, and cancer survivor, Natsuyo has been delivering powerful speeches in Japanese and English to the diverse audience. She is also the best-selling author of "The Success Blueprint", co-authored with world-renowned business speaker, Brian Tracy.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Natsuyo began her career at one of the top Japanese trading companies, ITOCHU International in New York. She then received her MBA degree from New York University, and held a position as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.
Today she is the managing principal of her own strategy consulting firm, ASPIRE Intelligence, and executive consultant of a global public speaking consultancy, Breakthrough Speaking.

Using a multi-layered approach of global public speaking skills, logical thinking frameworks and global team leadership skills, Natsuyo assists her audience to learn how to gain respect and adjust their messages to be heard by different cultures. As a speaker, consultant and trainer, she has worked with American Express, Toyota, Fujitsu, and more.

Natsuyo resides in New York with her husband Robert, who is a dentist, and their 6 year old daughter Leena, who is a model/actress!

Natsuyo Nobumoto Lipschutz
Natsuyo Nobumoto Lipschutz
The Success Blueprint



Corporate clients are saying…

"We've worked with multiple speech consultants, but Natsuyo's approach is second to none. Her McKinsey trained strategic and analytical skills allowed us to take a big leap from "the top IT company in Japan" to the "world class' global company."


"Very engaging and insightful. Natsuyo was very clear with her points, illustrated her personal examples to enhance those points, and gave us practical insights."

~ Toyota Tsusho America

"Natsuyo’s keynote speech on cross-culture was very insightful and very educational. Culture could be very fascinating but very complicated. Often, we encounter a situation where we deliver a message and it’s interpreted in a wrong way, but we don’t know what actually went wrong. Natsuyo clarified the reasons for such misunderstandings, and gave us practical tools to improve our cross-cultural communications. Her talk was also very engaging. Not a single person got board during her talk for a single second…! "

~ BNP Paribas

"Given we are a multi-cultural group and company, Natsuyo’s tips on how to communicate effectively in a diverse work environment was extremely beneficial to us. Participants took away valuable lessons from her talk and from interactive exercises."

~ American Express

Private coaching clients are saying..

My name is Kenya Conway Jones, and I had the pleasure of working with and being coached by Natsuyo on a big speech that I had coming up. And I needed to make sure that it was dynamic and memorable for my audience. And I tell you Natsuyo did an excellent job asking me just the right questions that allowed me to uncover the points that I was trying to convey to my audience. She helped me with my delivery style, the mood I was trying to create, and Natsuyo helped me to organize my speech in such a way that made my message clear to my audience, easy for them to remember. And she also helped me discover a little humor in myself that I didn't know was there. But it ultimately made it fun for my audience. So I thanked her tremendously for that.

Natsuyo is a master coach and I highly recommend her services. It is definitely worth the investment. I guarantee you, you will come away with the speech that will wow your audience no matter how boring you think your topic will be.

~ Kenya C (Motivational Speaker)

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